Making a Difference in the Lives We Encounter, One Person at a Time!

Welcome to the Iredell COAST

625 Sullivan Rd, Statesville, NC

We are proud to be a positive encouragement to our wonderful community!

Iredell Community Outreach Association is dedicated to our wonderful community by offering outreach events and programs. We remain focused on community outreach events such as drive-in movie nights, bingo nights, and our back-to-school drive. We combat hunger through our community food bank and raise funding to do so through our charitable resale shop.

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The Iredell COAST seeks to be a positive influence on the lives of all we encounter. Through our resale shop, we raise much needed funding for our various community outreach events as well as hunger and disaster relief.

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We will reach the needy through this shop and food bank each and every day. We will be on the front lines of our community fighting hunger and financial stress.

To do this, we need YOUR help. Please consider donating ANY amount below.


Free School Supplies!

Saturday, August 7th

Iredell COAST Event Center

Community Bingo Night

Monday, August 9th

Statesville Civic Center


Community Yard Sale & $0.50 Clothing Sale

Saturday, August 14th

Iredell COAST Resale Shop

625 Sullivan Rd, Statesville


$10 per Space

First Come, First Served

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Visit the Iredell COAST at the Iredell County Fair!

Join us September 3rd - 11th as we sell food to raise funding for our organization! We'll be in the food booth near the vendor displays!

Visit the Iredell COAST Resale Shop!

625 Sullivan Rd

Statesville, NC

New items arrive every single day.

You never know what you'll find!


Iredell COAST is thankful for partnerships and sponsorships from local businesses. Without their support, it just wouldn't be possible to do what we do!

Iredell Community Outreach Association (COAST)

625 Sullivan Rd

Statesville, NC

(704) 755-4610